The Cost of Living Crisis.

Insights into the HR risks of rising global prices.


of workers believe thatstress around financial wellbeing can negatively impact performance in the workplace.

The cost of living is rising – and the world is feeling the impact. Due to a combination of factors, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and supply chain problems caused by the pandemic, prices of food, fuel and basic goods are rising inexorably. And the problem is likely to get worse before it gets better.

So what impact will this have, and how can employers help their employees? What are employers’ responsibilities here, and how can business navigate the risks and opportunities posed by this historic challenge? Here, we speak to business leaders, employees and industry experts to find out.

“Business leaders are doing their best to find a path to support staff. But unfortunately, not everyone can increase wages by circa 8%. So other ways must be found to consolidate staff benefits, ensuring maximum value for money.”

Josh Hart, CPTO and Co-Founder YuLife

Employees expect more financial wellbeing support from their workplace.


of workers believe that stress around financial wellbeing can negatively impact performance in the workplace.


nearly half believe it's a workplace’s responsibility to improve their financial wellbeing beyond legal, mandated obligations.


just 2 in 10 would feel comfortable discussing financial stress with an employer.

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