The Cost of Living Survey

HR leaders versus employee views on the cost of livingcrisis revealed.


of HR professionals feel their level of concern about employees’ financial wellbeing has increased over the past year.

As the cost of living crisis becomes an increasingly pressing issue for businesses, we want to know: what can, and should, HR professionals be doing to help?

To find out, YuLife commissioned two surveys: one canvassing UK adults in partnership with YouGov, and another canvassing HR professionals, in partnership with HR Ninjas – and the results are eye-opening.  

Our latest guide explores:

  • How financial stress is increasing for workforces and impacting mental health
  • How HR leaders can support their employees’ financial wellbeing
  • Results of a YouGov survey of 2,062 adults in Great Britain and a survey of 537 HR professionals

About HR Ninjas

The HR Survey was conducted by HR Ninjas between 10-17 December 2022, with 537 HR professionals respondents.

HR Ninjas is the UK’s largest free online HR community, founded by Lizzie Henson. It supports HR leaders with a Facebook Community Group of more than 24,000* HR professionals.

Not sure where to start?

Download our simple checklist for HR leaders navigating the cost of living crisis.

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