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How to present employee wellbeing data that's ready for the boardroom.

Source: YouGov survey of 2,080 adults in Great Britain and HR Ninjas survey of 714 HR professionals


1 in 5

of HR professionals say they have the data they need to make a business case for employee wellbeing.

Making data-driven decisions is key to many parts of a business - from supply chains to sales. So why should it be any different when it comes to managing employee wellbeing?

Our recent survey conducted in partnership with YouGov and the HR Ninjas shows that there is a growing appetite for a more data-driven approach to wellbeing. 72.5% of HR teams say that being data-driven is one of their key priorities in the next 12 months.

But with just 19% reporting having the data they need to make a business case for employee wellbeing – how can HR teams make their boards sit-up and listen?

With insights from experts, our latest ebook explores:

• What data HR teams should measure when it comes to employee wellbeing

• The best way to measure and collect that data

• What to do with that data in order to make your leadership team stand up and listen

The best HR teams that I see are the ones who have a real blend of qualitative and quantitative data to be able to provide to their leaders and to themselves.”

Former HR Director at the BBC and Founder of Disruptive HR

About Disruptive HR.

Disruptive HR aims to change people practices for good. It works with HR and Leaders all over the world, providing both inspiration and practical support through training, bespoke workshops and online products.

Having data is one thing, doing something with it is another.”

Founder & Owner of HR Ninjas

About HR Ninjas.

HR Ninjas is the UK’s largest free online HR community, founded by Lizzie Henson. It supports HR leaders with a Facebook Community Group of more than 28,000* HR professionals and a jobs board.

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