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Is technology causing or curing loneliness?

Did video chat distance people emotionally as well as physically when it replaced the conference room, or did it provide a social lifeline through months of mandatory distancing? 

The connection between frequent social media use and feelings of social isolation has been widely reported. But at the same time, a multitude of apps are providing a path to learning, connection, and socialising. On the one hand, it’s compounding mental health issues; in other forms, it’s teaching mindfulness, meditation, and providing counselling lifelines. 

Mental health and technology have a complicated relationship. But here, we speak to experts to explore some of the ways that businesses can both reduce the stressors that technology can bring – and highlight the times when technology offers the access and solution that many could be looking for.

Meet the experts:

PhD, Psychologist and sleep expert at YuLife partner and sleep tracking app, Sleep Cycle.

CEO at financial wellness app and YuLife benefit partner, Moneyhub Enterprise.

A Sunday Times bestselling author, speaker, novelist and host of the no. 1 careers podcast in the UK.

What you will learn.

The role of loneliness in the mental health crisis.

Dealing with the challenges of loneliness and hybrid working.

How technology is driving social isolation.

How to leverage tech in a positive way to support employee mental health.

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